Andre Ferrell Leadership Coach

As a Former corporate leader for 4 different Fortune 100 companies, Andre knows what it takes to lead. He has developed award winning teams. He has had the pleasure of developing others who are now leading teams of their own.
Being in overwhelm is no joke, Andre has been there and he has developed ways to make this journey rewarding.

Hi, I'm Andre Ferrell

I can relate the never ending struggles that you as a leader live with daily. Believe me I have been there. Putting all the pieces together to please and support your Organization, Your Team and Your Customers. On top of that no one(family, friends) understands what you are dealing with.

It’s enough to make you question your sanity and question why you don’t just give up. The pressure is real!

Good News!

There are ways to not only survive this pressure cooker but to thrive in the middle of it. With the right training and support you can become what I call a Legendary Leader!

I’m dedicated to helping you thrive as a leader.

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I Believe In the Power of A Confident, Selfless & Courageous Leader

No one will follow a fearful, self-centered coward. Leaders who walk with confidence transmit an air of trust about themselves. Those around them including their teams will believe in their ability.

If a person has any selfishness in them leadership will expose it. To be a leader who attracts success you must forsake all opportunities to self gratify. Help your team win and you win.

Courageous leaders stare troubles in the eye. Leaders who are courageous stand in the front of trouble. They take on the burdens of their team and clients. A courageous leader lays it all on the line to help others succeed no matter the cost.

Lead With Courage