Leading While Scared but Never Giving Up

Leadership can be a fearful journey. Most of the great leaders we know had to face fear. It’s the truly great ones who faced fear and won.

What about you? have you ever had to deal with fear or uncertainty? Have you had to overcome feeling like your an impostor? I can and I have.

In episode 37 of The Leadership Remimaged Podcast, I share my stories for fear and overcome.
​Even today if I’m not careful those dangerous thoughts will enter my mind telling me that I’m not enough, and I should give up on my dreams.

​Well, I don’t want this for you. It is far past time for you to look at those fears in the eye and tell them no more. No more will you keep me from my dreams, keep me from winning or keep me from becoming the leader that I know I can be.

​In this week’s episode of The Leadership Reimagined Podcast, I’ll show you exactly how to accomplish this goal of defeating fear.


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