How Servant Leaders Support Their Teams

One of the most overused terms among leaders is a servant leader. Ask most well-wished leaders and this is the description they will give you for themselves. Unfortunately, their actions don’t often agree with their true leadership.

Servant leadership is a real thing, it is a true north to which every leader should shoot for. But be warned it will require time, effort, and patience from you. At times it will call upon you to give more than you think you have.

Servant Leadership is the core of what makes a leader “legendary” in the eyes of their team members. It is the ultimate expression of selflessness.

In this episode I share with you what struggles, success, and the journey I experienced while achieving this title… Believe me, the road was not smooth, and each. Much of it required me to dig deep and find the ability to lead my team to success.

By the way servant leaders often find themselves in roles never before journeyed, marriage counselor, spiritual support, friend, life coach, financial advisor, conflict manager, and much more.

I believe this episode will at a minimum get you gears spinning to see what is possible for you and your leadership abilities.

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