Do You Have The Courage To Lead?

 We have a very alarming issue with current day leaders. An issue that needs attention and fast. I see more and more leaders leading with fear. That fear is appearing in one of two ways. One is they are arrogant and loud. Or they are fear full and scared out of their minds. I have […]

3 Ways You Can Communicate More Effectively

So often we think of communication solely as a verbal thing. This would be very wrong and somewhat dangerous to us as a leader. As a matter of fact, verbal communication can sometimes be the least effective form of communication. In this episode, I will share with you 3 tips plus a bonus on increasing […]

The Qualities and Fruit of a Legendary Leader

In this episode, we will discuss what happened to our old podcast(The Extraordinary Life Podcast). And why we have shifted gears to this all-new platform. I share how I had to finally allow myself to do what I know I’m called to do in this world and how you can too. We talk about leadership […]

Grace Over Grind…Interview with Shae Bynes

In this episode, I had the incredible pleasure of having a conversation with Shae Bynes the Cheif Fire Igniter at Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. Shae has been on my radar for a while now and I finally had the opportunity to have her on the show. Her energetic and fun personality is contagious. And as you […]