The Qualities and Fruit of a Legendary Leader

In this episode, we will discuss what happened to our old podcast(The Extraordinary Life Podcast). And why we have shifted gears to this all-new platform.
I share how I had to finally allow myself to do what I know I’m called to do in this world and how you can too.

We talk about leadership and how each one of us is leaders in some capacity. I have what I call the 4 “C’s” of leadership; which are Communication, Courage, Clarity & Confidence. Mastering these 4 will take you to levels of leadership never before thought possible.
We discuss 4 other areas of leadership: Influence, Trust, Impact, and Belief. All of which you must desire or grow in if you want to lead people.

This first episode of our new podcast will give you a look into the journey we are about to travel. I hope you will SUBSCRIBE and take this journey with us.

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